Sample Card Inspection System Specifications

WAY-2C Sample Card Inspection Systems

Check for incorrectly placed or missing swatches at manual or automatic feed inspection stations.


Basic Sample Card Inspection System


WAY-2C software, installation and user manuals, vision hardware including frame grabber board, 3-Chip CCD camera, lens, image monitor, cables, high frequency stabilized fluorescent lighting, light meter, stand.

Executable and source code to automatically generate WAY-2C scripts for color based inspection of cards up to 8.5x11 inches in size with up to 40 samples per card. Includes user and installation manual, installation disks and telephone/email support.


Can be setup for a new card in just minutes and switched between different card designs in seconds. A typical single-camera manual feed system can inspect over 3600 30-swatch cards per hour. Customers report inspection reliability generally much better than human inspectors.



Operations supported include:         


Allows operator to add a new sample card design or select an existing sample card design to be inspected.

Align Camera                      

Prompts the operator to perform camera alignment and focusing tasks.


Prompts the operator to insert the currently selected sample card and then adjust the inspection region around each sample for training.


Automatically retrains on card using previously defined sample positions.


Allows examination of goodness of fit statistics for each inspection position to help identify any samples where the classification may not be reliable, and which may have to be inspected manually.


Production inspection.

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Large Sample Card Inspection System (Upgrade)

Handles up to 100 samples per inspection, multiplexed cameras. (Prior experience with at least 1 month successful operation of Basic Sample Card Inspection Software recommended).


All specifications subject to change without notice to reflect system upgrades and improvements.